Period: Fall 2014 
Instructor: Chuck Hoberman 
Location: Manhattan, NY  
Use: Installation_Bar  
Team Work (5)




WHAT  or Who is SAKURA ?


She is Elegant.
Structurally Sound.
Curved in all the right places.
She is over 21 years old. and enjoys a beer or two.

Sakura is a eight feet wooden structure that transforms from a compact slender form into a semi-private self supporting interactive pavilion. Based on chuck Hoberman’s wheel, we aimed to create an engaging visual and inhabitable pavilion. Sakura, has three levels of transformations, all independent to one another. She starts off with a seating component on the first level, moves to a counter top in the middle, and ends with a bottle rack at the top. Each segment can be operated in a single manner or be combined to create various profiles.





Each section has its main purpose. The bottom section provide comfortable seating and mini-tables. The middle section has 6 counter tables and 6 neck supports for the people who seat. Top section is the rack for wine bottle and glasses. These three sections performs separately, so that the user transforms it as the way they need to use. The bottom diagram show the possible iterations of Sakura.